• Pond Food Chain

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    These hands-on coloring pages are a great way to introduce (or learn more about) a pond food chain with your young children! After you download these printable pages (colorful cover page and 6 black-and-white pages for your children to color), take a look at our article to find some fun and easy lesson ideas to go with them. Click here to go to the article for lesson ideas. 
  • Use this Australian Food Chain Coloring Book to teach your child about different creatures of Australia's woodlands and how they connect on the food chain! This fun coloring book is suitable for young ages (pre-K through early elementary) and includes 6 pages of coloring fun and handwriting practice!
  • With this Boreal Forest Food Chain Coloring Book, your young (Pre-K - early elementary level) child can learn about different animals who live in boreal forests, and how they relate to one another on the food chain.