Human Anatomy

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  • Sorting Mats Worksheets: The 5 Senses

    Suggested Price: $3.99

    A delightful way to learn the five senses! Laminate this work and use it as a sorting activity. Have your kiddos place the full-color pictures on the correct mat! Includes an individual mat for each of the 5 senses and a picture page for each sense.  Great for grades Preschool – 2nd Grade! 12 pages

  • Food Groups Game

    Suggested Price: $2.99

    Playing is easy- print and go. If you have more than three kids, I’d recommend printing two copies of each of the food item sheets so you have enough to go around. Have each player roll the die and collect their food items to fill their plate. When they run out of room on their plate, they…

  • Daily Habits: Brush and Floss

    A daily chart to help your children track their dental health habits.