Memorial Day/ Veterans Day Pack

Teach the motto’s of the military with this printable pack for multiple ages


31 pages.

As a military family, it’s important for me to make sure I teach the kids the reasons we have these holidays. I spent a little time this week putting together a Veteran’s Day/Memorial Day printable pack for them, and I hope you like it!

I’ve included printables for the Armed Forces mottos/core values, as well as copy work for them. I also made a page for them to look up some of the words to define them, because I think it’s important that my kids know what honor, courage, integrity, and fidelity are. There is a copy of the Flanders Field poem, with a notebooking page you can use for copywork, or for a journal entry. Also included is a worksheet on WWI (with a link to a kid-friendly resource), coloring sheets, and my personal favorite, sheets to write the troops for Christmas (or any time of the year!)

There is something for many different age ranges, so it can be used with multiple levels of students.


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