My Garden Journal for Children


This garden journal includes pages for planning your garden’s layout, plants and seeds needed, keeping track of plant and harvest dates, recording information about garden pests, and even taste testing once crops are harvested!


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This garden journal for children is perfect for using year round! It includes a page for recording the dates when plants were planted and harvested for all 12 months. There’s a page for planning the garden’s layout and a page for sketching the garden. (This can be done before planting or as a nature journaling exercise later.) There’s a page for keeping track of plants and seeds that are needed. (This is a perfect jump-start for talking about why you’re starting some plants from seeds and others from plants.) There are also pages for keeping more detailed records that will be fun for now and useful in future years–such as pages for keeping track of garden pests or problems, to-do lists, and even a page for keeping track of taste testing your crops!


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