Nature Scavenger Hunt


This beautiful printable page is perfect for a nature scavenger hunt for your preschool-3rd graders or as a coloring sheet for older children! Use it to compare and contrast (the picture vs. the in-real-life object) and to complete a Venn Diagram for older children.


This beautiful one-page printable is perfect for a nature scavenger hunt with your K-3rd graders! They can look at the items on the sheet, watch for them during your walk, and circle them as they find each one. You can look at the pictures on the sheet, compare them to the ones you find, and talk about differences and similarities too!

For older children, you could use these differences and similarities to create a Venn Diagram. And older students may want to use the page as a coloring sheet. (Colored pencils will make this a beautiful picture!)


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