Printable Poetry Study: Lewis Carroll’s “The Crocodile”


This whimsical study is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem, “The Crocodile.” It would be perfect to use during National Poetry Month! This study is great for a wide range of ages, but it would work especially well for elementary-aged learners!


This poetry study, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem, “The Crocodile,” includes 5 printable pages that can be adapted to use with kids of many different ages. The illustrations are also whimsical and gorgeous! Here’s what you get with this printable:

  • 1 illustrated page with the full text of the poem.
  • 1 page overviewing the basics of some of the poem’s vocabulary and explaining its rhyme scheme.
  • 2 pages of research questions that prompt children to dig deeper as they think about this poem (especially great for older kids!)
  • 2 pages of copy work with the full text of the poem (1 print and 1 cursive.) This also helps with memorization!


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