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To-Do List for Homeschool Kids

Keep kids on track with this free to-do list printable!

Read How to Teach Your Child to Work Independently to see how we use this in our homeschool.


Read How to Teach Your Child to Work Independently to see how we use this in our homeschool.

This free to-do list can be used to help your learner stay on track and see at a glance what they need to get done for the week.

Use the To-Do list to track homeschool assignments- list the subject down the left, and check off when it is completed. You can also make small notes in the check boxes (like noting page numbers) if you choose.

Use the “Read” section to keep track of daily independent reading- choose an amount of time (two 30 minute sessions, two hour long sessions) and then have your child check the box when they finished that amount of time.

Use the “Work” section to keep track of morning and evening chores. Check the box when the chores are completed.

If you’d like more options on your to-do list, check out our larger Accountability Pack. We have 13 different forms, with more detailed chore sections, daily planner pages, pages with weekly calenders, and more to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for all your children.

For younger children, or those who work better with visual reminders, see our Free Scheduling System.

Rules for Printables: Some of our printables are free of charge, and I love to share them. But, please do remember that these printables and the traffic they bring to my website are what keeps me in business. Please go ahead and share the links to my website if you love what we have done. I love when my readers share! However, please be careful with how you share them. All of my printables are for personal use only. You cannot claim these printables as your own or sell them as your own. All the printables and pictures on this website are copyright protected and are the property of Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool. What you can do with them: Download the files to your computers, save them forever, lose them along with the millions of other files stashed on your hard drive and print them off for personal use. Direct people back to this website to download their own printables. Pin, Tweet and share the direct link to the product page on social media. Give credit proper back to us (Only Passionate Curiosity) when blogging about, or sharing info about our printables on your personal website or social media. What you can not do: Link directly to the pdf file/download Email the PDF to your friends (send them the link to the product page please!) Alter my files in any way Store them on your website or other services in any format. (This includes hosting them on facebook, dropbox and other file sharing or hosting sites.) Seek to use these to drive traffic to your site or sell them in any way. Print off and sell them to others. *Please be honest, I’m counting on you to help me keep this website alive and the printable worksheets coming!* Thanks again for reading, and for respecting our terms of use. I hope you love the goodies you grabbed from us today!


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