Great Barrier Reef (Learn & Lapbook)

This printable is part lap book, part unit study. Every element is internet linked to websites where your child can do more research, and find the information they need to complete the lap-booking element. You can put this in a traditional folder, or do as my family does, and just glue the elements on sheets of cardstock and store in a binder as an interactive notebook.

This study covers:

The location and facts about the Great Barrier Reef
Fish that live in the coral reef
Types of coral
Shell Fish Facts
Starfish, Seahorse, Eels and Stingrays

All websites were appropriate for children as of the date of posting. Please review links before sending your child to the website.


This internet linked lapbook is intended for children in the 3rd-5th grades, but can be adapted to younger students needs with the parent’s help.


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