Homeschool Planning Pack

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Planning and scheduling forms for your Homeschool



These forms are ones I use in my own Homeschool to help me plan, budget for curriculum, and pace our year.

I blogged about my process and how to use these forms in a Homeschooling 101 and Scheduling 101 Series on Only Passionate Curiosity.

Included is:
1. a form to create a general year long pacing guide for all your curriculum, a budgeting form
2. a curriculum shopping list to help you stay on budget
3. a form to help you buy/sell your curriculum used
4. a daily schedule planner
5. a yearly overview planner to help you see the big picture
6. a yearly calender

2 reviews for Homeschool Planning Pack

  1. Amie (verified owner)

    I went to a homeschool bookstore yesterday, and was determined to create something like this if I couldn’t find it on Pinterest today. THANK YOU!! It’s just what I was looking for!! I’m starting homeschool in the fall for the first time – I appreciate this planning resource!!

  2. umma (verified owner)

    An absolute must have and fabulous addition to our homeschool scheduling. We have a sudden need to change up our 3rd – 4th quarter routine and nearly every page will be used. The year at a glance is the best part IMHO. I will be adventuring to my local copy shop to have it blown up to poster board size. It will serve as our attendance wall and double as my teacher overview; assignment wall. Thanks so much.

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