Printable Tangram Number Puzzles


This set of tangram number (0 – 9) puzzles is a great brain teaser to boost children’s critical thinking skills and geometry recognition!


Have you ever used tangram puzzles in your homeschool? A tangram puzzle features a colorful, 7 shape design (5 triangles, a square and a parallelogram.) This design can be arranged using creative and critical thinking skills in order to create almost anything you can imagine! Today’s printable includes 2 printable tangrams which can  each be printed and arranged into the numbers 0-9.  (You can even use both printable tangrams to create numbers up to 99!) The rest of the printable includes a page for each number, showing how you can use the shapes to create that number.  This is a fun, creative challenge with numbers and geometry that a variety of ages can enjoy.


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